To All the Moms of Strong-Willed Children


For all my mamas of the strong-willed child…

Put the backpack by the door and pick your shoes up off the floor.

Put your dishes in the sink and make sure the dog has water to drink.

No TV, electronics away, no friends allowed to play. Maybe one of these days you’ll listen to what I say!

Keep your room neat, brush your hair, make sure you have on clean underwear.

Pick up time at your sister’s school – walk more quickly, can’t you see I have things to do?!

Soccer practice and ballet at 5:00, t-ball at 6:00 – and you’ll just have to do homework while I drive!

Eat your peas and clean your plate, hurry up now – bath, then lights out at 8:00!

Race to bed, rush through your prayers – discouraged he lays his little head on the pillow and wonder if anyone cares…

What I feel, what I see, what big feelings are inside of me.

I had a hard day, and I wanted you to know, but I wasn’t sure how to tell you – that’s why I was walking slow. 

My teacher called me out, and then you did, too. It crushes my little spirit to always feel like I’m being punished for what I do. 

I don’t mean to cause any harm at home or at school, but I do want your attention and special time, too. 

A few moments set aside – for just me and you – to play and to talk, with no important things to do. 

I know you are busy, and oftentimes stressed, but to me you are mama, and I think you’re the best. 

Recently I’ve realized I need to do less parenting and more playing. Less lecturing and more listening, less labeling, more praying. I thought I was doing the best I possibly could at parenting, but I realized something was missing. I think (I hope) it is making a difference. 

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Sarah has lived in Columbia since she was a kid, but it never felt like home until 2012 when she married her husband, David, and moved to Forest Acres. They met in 2010 when she was as a single mom, and have two children together, Hannah (age 4) and Titus (age 1), and Madison, (14). Sarah has a cosmetology degree, and is a part time stylist, while being a full time wife and mama. She has a deep desire to connect with other women, whatever season, to remind them they are not alone. She is a 'social' introvert, a deep thinker; who pays no attention to details, loves reading, but never finishes a book, she has a strong love for God's word, and despite her many flaws she desperately wants to be used to further the kingdom. She is a foodie, coffee drinking, wanna be perfectionist. She can identify with blended families, infertility, teenage parenting, and mental health issues.


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