Top 10 Sexiest Desserts for Valentine’s Day


My husband and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day back in February of 1993. We were seniors at Lower Richland High school and had been dating for about four months. My mom said I could invite him over for a homecooked meal and she would even leave the front of the house so we could have some privacy.

I prepared sirloin steak, baked potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake. Okay, my mom made the three-layered–better than sex–chocolate cake. It was the most decadent cake she had ever baked, and that’s saying something because back then; my mom was known as Harris Teeter’s Cake Lady.

When I ask my husband what he remembers about our first Valentine’s Day together, he never mentions the amazing meal I slaved over the hot stove to prepare for him. He doesn’t talk about all the kisses he stole on the couch in our family room while we were supposed to be looking at a movie.

He only raves and smiles his biggest, toothiest smile about that Better Than Sex cake my mom made for us. Consequently, he requested that same cake as his groom’s cake for our wedding. 

This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m planning a sinfully, salacious smorgasbord of the top 10 sexiest tiny desserts I can make. I want my husband to ooh and ahh over the Valentine desserts I make for him the next time I ask about his favorite Valentine’s memory.

Petty? Probably, but I never promised I wouldn’t be petty, so… whatever.

10. Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices–I chose this dessert because who doesn’t love a gooey candied apple? With this version, you and your significant other can have all the fun and only a little of the mess. [vegan, gluten-free]

9. Chocolate Truffle Pie–This is the cutest little dessert I’ve seen in a while. Served in cordial glassware, this dark layered treat is made with chocolate ganache and mascarpone moose. Just enough to whet your appetite for something a little more decadent.

8. Raspberry Cheesecake Moose–Really, this little dessert is quite sexy. With its perfect pink color and the smooth and whipped texture; I believe this little treat will certainly have your Valentine looking forward to the rest of your evening.

7. Red Wine Lollipops–What would Valentine’s Day be without red wine? I love the idea of having my wine made into a yummy lollipop. It gives me something else to do with mouth other than talk my husband’s ears off. I’d use a bottle of good wine to make these suckers.

6. Raspberry Fool–I must be a fool for raspberry because this is the second raspberry dessert to make my list. There is something inherently sexy about these little, plump, juicy berries. This little dessert is served in a shot glass and honestly… it’s basically foolproof. It’s just cream, sugar, and fruit. The sexiest thing about this dessert is how simple it is to make!

5. Cherry Bombs–It’s time to blow your Valentine’s mind with this beautiful and seductive dessert. Think of those chocolate-covered maraschino cherries with the goo and liquid…you know the one that comes in the red box?  All right, now let’s say we used fresh bing cherries–stem left in, tucked inside a chocolate truffle and coated in dark chocolate ganache. See why it’s number five on my list? This dessert is so sexy, it almost feels like committing a sin to eat it.

4. Fluffy Coconut Chocolate Moose–Okay, I know! Nothing about this sounds all that sexy, but–and I need you to click the link and see this thing–if desserts received ratings like movies… this one would be Rate NC-17. Holy smokes! This little unassuming moose is clearly for adults only. No one 17 or under needs to partake in the consumption of such decadence.

3. Conversation Heart Cookies–Again, I realize you guys are probably expecting something more involved as we get closer to number one, but pay attention. Remember when you were in elementary school and you had to bring a Valentine for every student in your classroom? Lollipops were good, but weren’t those boxes of conversation heart candies even better? These conversation heart cookies can be personalized with cute and sexy conversation starters. Just be sure not to send them with your child for their classroom celebration.

2. Chocolate Covered Milkshake–Go big or go home! If I’m going to use Valentine’s day as my cheat day… I’m going to make sure to get as much out of it as possible. The beauty of this chocolate-covered strawberry milkshake is that the rim of the glass is what gets covered in chocolate! It looks like someone decided to see what warm chocolate would look like if dripped carelessly over the rounded edges of… well, you get the gist of why this dessert is number two on my list, right?

1. Cherry Brownie Sundae–And finally, we have made it to the number one spot on my top 10 sexiest desserts for Valentine’s Day 2020. It’s a new take on an old classic. My first memory of having a brownie sundae was way back in 1995 when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) took me to Applebee’s after a movie. We shared our dessert and I thought, “This is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.” It could have been because I was getting my share of it from his lips, but I digress. This cherry version of the brownie sundae is a hedonistic experience in thick, dark, fudgy goodness only to be further elevated by the addition of port wine cherry sauce drizzled over the top of a good quality vanilla ice cream. This dessert is meant to be shared. Spoons optional.

What sexy desserts would you add to this list?

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