Top 5 Things I Learned by Week 12 of Pregnancy


Never did I think I’d actually read “Pregnant” on a pregnancy test, especially after the many “Not Pregnant” tests I’ve read. Yes, I desperately wanted to be pregnant, but it seemed unattainable in a sense. But there it was, on March 17 — PREGNANT. I’m only 12 weeks now, but boy do I celebrate every day that goes by that there is still a being in my body growing and developing.

Top 5 Things I Learned by Week 12 Pregnancy

I’m a planner, an obsessive googler researcher. I thought that after being with my friends and family as they experienced their pregnancies that I pretty much knew what to expect. I was wrong.

Here are the top 5 things that I didn’t realize/expect/previously think about during my first 12 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Cramping

Y’all, this was terrifying to me. At first I assumed I was having period cramps and didn’t think that I was pregnant. I now know that those were most likely implantation cramping. After the positive test confirmed my pregnancy, the cramps continued. I constantly was worried that I was beginning to miscarriage but after googling researching, I learned that the uterus was stretching to make room for the new addition. This makes plenty of sense, but it is still scary!

2. Exhaustion

I know, when you think of pregnancy you hear about expectant moms being exhausted. I just never realized just HOW exhausted I could be. My husband still can’t comprehend how I can sleep so much. Honestly, neither can I! I’m looking forward to the (hopefully not mythical) second trimester boost of energy!

3. Limitations

I knew the common “Don’t take Advil, Don’t drink, Don’t smoke…” but I didn’t realize that I needed to start looking at the types of hot tea I drink or decongestant I survive on. I’ve really tried to limit everything, including the safe things, but find myself giving into the headaches and back pains by taking Tylenol. I got the okay from my doctor today to take certain decongestants so I can’t wait to run to the drug store!  I also didn’t realize that I could no longer enjoy my long, scorching baths.

4. Message Boards

If you’re newly pregnant and download the different pregnancy apps, do your best to avoid the message boards. Although they can be very helpful, they also can instill paranoia in you that you didn’t know existed. Just be careful which posts you choose to read!

5. The Wait

The morning I got my pregnancy pregnant test I immediately called my doctor. I was probably around 5 weeks and over the moon excited. “We will see you when you’re around 8 weeks pregnant,” said the receptionist. Really?? You don’t even confirm the pregnancy by doing a blood test or anything? Even just to humor me and give me peace of mind?? I know that seeing a doctor that early can prove absolutely nothing other than what I already knew (pregnant) but it still would have eased some of the paranoia I had developed from reading the previously mentioned message boards. Once 8 weeks came, I was able to see my beautiful baby via a trans-vaginal ultrasound (another new thing to me!) and that was well worth the wait.

What took you by surprise during your pregnancy?

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