Tubal Ligation :: My Experience Having My Tubes Tied


Tubal Ligation :: My Experience Having My Tubes Tied | Columbia SC Moms BlogI’ve given birth to three beautiful children – a boy and two girls.

My first two definitely fit the “wild child” description – full of life, energy, and love (especially the energy). They have very colorful personalities that I love at times, but also make me feel extremely overwhelmed and exhausted.

My pregnancy and birth with my middle child was absolutely dreadful. I was nauseated the entire time and her head broke my coccyx bone on her way out. 

My third pregnancy and birth was enjoyable. Throughout my pregnancy milestones, it was in the back of my mind that this could be the last time I experience carrying a child – the last time I would feel baby kicks inside of my pregnant belly, the last time I feel baby hiccups, and the last time I would wonder if I am expecting a little he or she.

The delivery was a breeze as well. I downloaded an app on my phone that had the sound of ocean waves that I listened to in active labor. I imagined I was at the beach experiencing the contractions as waves, each one bringing me closer to my baby. My fifteen-year-old bonus daughter was in the room and she kept a wash cloth damp with some water and lavender essential oil. It was nice to finally have a positive birth experience. 

The first few months were very hard on me adjusting to a new baby. I had postpartum depression during and after all of my pregnancies and it seemed to get worse with each one.

After I started therapy and medication, I decided my heart was full and I was ready to say goodbye to the new motherhood phase of life. My husband didn’t want to have a vasectomy so I decided I would get a tubal ligation. And while I considered an IUD, I thought about how it allows the possibility of having another child, and personally, I just didn’t like that uncertainty. I absolutely love my gynecologist and trusted him to do the procedure. 

It has been almost two months since the surgery. I am completely happy with my decision and I am definitely cherishing my last baby. Getting rid of the baby items that she outgrows has been bittersweet and I am excited for all that the future holds for her.

Have you had a tubal ligation or are you thinking about getting one? I promise it’s not that bad! Honestly it was kind of nice to have it done a few months after the baby was here so I could actually rest for a few days. If I would have done it the day after I gave birth I would have missed out on her first few hours/days. I wouldn’t have rested properly to heal from the surgery because of the high from giving birth. 

If you are thinking about birth control methods and know for sure you don’t want anymore children I highly recommend a tubal ligation. It’s relieving knowing that my family is for sure done growing. 

Can you relate? What was your experience with tubal ligation?


  1. Having a tubal was the best decision ever. Especially, since I knew I did not want anymore children and did not want to deal with birth control.

  2. I had a tubal 19 years ago. I had a son & had just given birth to my daughter. Both pregnancies were C sections so, my tubal was done right after I had given birth. It is definitely a decision that once made, should be a decision that is thought on long & hard. The thing that stands out to me as a negative is this; your periods are heavier, & cramps are stronger! No one told me this info. I had a male OB…lol


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