UPS Daddy or First Responder?


Heading into week three of staying home and social distancing, this mom of two has experienced every emotion I can think of over the course of this spreading pandemic.

Some days I feel like I have it all together. Other days I feel like I am falling apart.

What is usually my favorite time of year has quickly turned into a time of anxiety, fear, fleeting moments, learning, loneliness, and enlightenment. I think the most comforting fact is knowing I am not alone in my fears and that my strengths and weaknesses are shared among mothers, fathers, parents, children, grandparents, friends, and families all over the world.

There are so many unknown answers to questions we are all asking ourselves regarding COVID-19. Are we taking enough precautions? Is six feet apart enough? Did I just touch my face? Is it safe to go to the store or am I jeopardizing my family? My son has allergies, could he be more at risk? Am I doing the right thing by keeping my children away from their grandparents? So many questions…

But I think the question I am asking myself the most is, should my husband be shedding his browns in the garage and heading straight to the shower when he gets home from UPS?

Yes, I am a UPS wife. We are a UPS family. And right now my husband is on the front lines, which most certainly looks a little different than past disasters in history. 

He is handling hundreds and thousands of parcels from all over the world every single day. He is delivering to, and often entering hospitals, doctor’s offices, extended care facilities, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, not to mention residences all day long.

My husband is delivering essential medical supplies, food, equipment, medicine, and so much more to everyone. The only person who can protect him is himself. There is no option for a full lockdown for him.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am incredibly thankful for UPS and his job security. I am thankful that UPS has a detailed plan of action for its employees in the case that they get diagnosed. They are working tirelessly to make things as safe as possible for their employees. But I am still terrified.

UPS has been such a blessing since my husband began working there. But I have never been this paranoid for him before. He has basically become a first responder overnight. Delivering those crucial medical supplies, medicines, and essentials that are an absolute MUST.

I am proud of him and how hard he works. His spirits and his work ethic have been especially noteworthy during this time. He is such an amazing example for our children. I am so thankful for the network of other UPS wives and families who are dealing with the same fears for their UPSer…at least we are not alone. 

When you are thanking all the doctors, nurses, medical personnel, police officers, national guard, teachers and more… give a warm thank you to your UPS delivery driver, or any delivery driver, who are also putting themselves at risk each day for all of us. Doing our due diligence and following the CDC guidelines will help keep them safe.

To all the “First Responders” during this pandemic…We stay home for you! 

Are you the spouse of a first responder? Share your story below!

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