What I Want for Mother’s Day in Isolation

There are a few new simple things on my Mother's Day wishlist this year after months in isolation with my family.


Mother’s Day will inevitably look different to all of us this year.

Most of us won’t be traveling to see our moms, go out for a fancy brunch, or head to the malls and nail salons for pampering. While I’ve made my peace with this a while ago, I only just now realized what I truly want for Mother’s Day this year during the unprecedented period of isolation.  

I want to see my kids dressed up.

With virtual classrooms and church services, we are getting more mileage out of pajamas and lounge-wear. For one day I want to see my kids wear their nice outfits – complete with shoes that aren’t covered in dirt from the backyard and hair brushed into braided pigtails. 

I want to use paper plates.

Although I just pledged to reduce my carbon footprint on Earth Day, I really need a full day without dishes. Plain and simple. 

I want my husband to take the kids on their daily neighborhood walk.

This is a hard one not because he is unwilling, but rather because my kids pitch a fit. I’m not sure how I’ll spend the half-hour of glorious alone time, but I know it will be like a Greenday song – the time of my life. 

Lastly, no fits!

This may be the pipe dream here, but it’s the only one that matters. My kids are fighting more in isolation as if it’s a new board game they received as a birthday present. It’s called “Mom and Dad Never Win this Game.” I’m planning on saying yes to almost anything on Mother’s Day. That will create a pleasant day, right?

What do you want for your Mother’s Day in isolation? Share with us!

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