When the Days are Hard


I consider being a mom the greatest blessing ever given to me. I adore each and every one of my children. I am grateful for the days I spend with them and the milestones I witness. BUT, like any role in life, being a mom can somedays be down right hard. And when those hard days start adding up, you can feel overwhelmed by the same role you typically find so gratifying.

So, dare I say (cue the gasps), somedays being a mom isn’t a glorious experience for me. It’s not all rainbows and babies smelling like lavender bath wash. If I’m being honest…

Somedays I don’t answer to the screams for mom, even though I hear my kids. This could be because I told them where I was in the house, so why are they still screaming for me?

Somedays I zone out thinking of the days I worked outside the home. I think of the adult conversations, cute clothes, feelings of accomplishments, and set lunch times where I actually got to eat.

Somedays I don’t play with my kids because well, I’m tired of that game and they have plenty of siblings.

Somedays I linger a little longer in the store when I’m alone, just to let my brain rest a bit.

Somedays I let them wear whatever they pick out and don’t fret if they forgot to brush their teeth.

Somedays I declare a free day for dinner. This means whatever they find in the kitchen, they are free to eat. They actually love these nights, go figure.

Free nights. Eat what you’d like. Dress how you’d like.

If you find yourself having a day where this mom life has gotten the best of you, what do you do?

First, you can’t resign. No girl, you’re in it. There’s no going back.

So, short term, you may need to remove yourself for a good ole’ fashion cry. Give yourself five minutes to wallow, then put your big girl panties on and face those tiny creatures again. Don’t feel bad for shedding some tears. People cry all the time over frustrations, so why can’t you cry somedays?!

Speak truth to yourself. Refocus your eternal eyes that the mess of today will pass. Your job IS important and you’ve been called to this role. You can do this and you will finish this race.

At some point, you can check out for a bit when the opportunity presents itself. You may have to wait all day until your husband walks through the door. Or you may have to wait until the weekend … brace yourself. But when you can, read a non-parenting book, go to the store alone, go for a walk alone, whatever will give you rest and time away. The point is, do something completely alone.

If you just want to fall out on the couch, do it. Just make sure your husband is home first.

You may disagree and love being a mom every. single. moment and that’s fantastic; a little unbelievable, but fantastic. For most of us, some days are just backbreaking. We’ve all been there and it gets overwhelming. Know that you are in good company and remember, new mercies come in the morning.

Now dry your tears because your five minutes is up and they are screaming for you.

How do you handle the hard moments of motherhood?


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