Why I Will Always Love My Mother-in-Law


I often hear people say how they don’t get along with their mother-in-law. But I am so happy to say that my relationship with my mother-in-law was always great.

I know a lot of mothers feel like no woman could ever be good enough for their son. But not my mother-in-law. She even told me how glad she was that I came into her son’s life. She always treated me like she gave birth to me too.

We had the perfect relationship.

I always appreciated her because she didn’t have to love me just because I married her son. And although she gained me as a daughter, she didn’t have to actually take on the role of being a mother to me, but she did because she wanted too.

She choose to love me and I choose to love her. There was never a time we didn’t get along with one another.

Usually when there’s a problem within a marriage parents take the side of their child, but my mother-in-law never did that. She would always say, “Y’all better figure it out.” And when she did pick a side, it was always mine. I used to tell my husband all the time I think she loved me more than him, knowing that wasn’t true. He’s her baby and her only son. 

My mother-in-law was just an all around amazing person. I never felt like I didn’t belong. Whenever I came around, I was always welcome and greeted with a smile.

We recently loss this amazing woman, and there is not a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of her. She left us here with so many great memories, and I’m glad to say that I had a mother-in-law that loved me. And a mother-in-law that never made me feel anything less than loved.

I love you Ms. Brenda “Blondie” Kay Evans, and thank you so much for loving me. 


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