Winter Survival Tips :: Fun Indoor Activities for Kids


Winter Survival Tips :: Fun Ideas for KidsAnyone else ready for spring yet? Because my children and I are seriously over being stuck inside. These crazy cold (at least for South Carolina) winter days need to go. 

In the meantime we all need some ways to enjoy our time inside the house and out of the cold. If you’re looking for some ideas to help tackle cabin fever and pass the time waiting for warmer days, here are some things you and your kids will hopefully enjoy!

Fun and Games

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

To make this extra fun, write a riddle as a hint for each item your kids need to find. This one is always a ton of fun!

House Hide and Seek 

We love this one. The entire house is fair game for hiding places, and it’s fun to see what kind of creative places the kids come up with!

Board Games 

Some of our favorites are Monopoly Junior, Soggy Doggy, Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel, and Yeti in my Spaghetti!

Build an Obstacle Course 

Rearrange the furniture and make an indoor course everyone can work their way through!

Living Room Tents 

My girls love getting together the chairs and couches along with a few sheets and blankets and building a giant living room tent that they will spend tons of time playing in together. 

Video Games 

I know, screen time. But I love taking time here and there to play video games with my girls. They love playing the games I played when I was young (Mariokart FTW) and they’ve taught me how to play some of their favorites (I’m not very good at Minecraft, but it’s fun nonetheless.) What I love most is that we do these things together!

Arts and Crafts

This one is my personal favorite, and great at bringing out the best of my kids’ imaginations. I keep tons of different art supplies in the house pretty much all the time, and add things any time the thought crosses my mind. There are some great kits you can buy that let your kids just use their imagination and come up with creations all on their own. Mine love making homemade puppets and then putting on a show for us. 

You can also try doing a painting session with your kids where all of you paint together and compare your masterpieces!

My other go-to’s are the free printable coloring pages found with a quick Google search! 

Learning Time

Check out this great reading list by age from Richland County Public Library, and give your kids (and yourself) some downtime with a few great books. 

Columbia is fortunate to have some great places to learn and stay warm. Check out Edventure, the SC State Museum, or The Columbia Museum of Art

For fun ideas at home, try out some great science experiments you and your kids can do together!

Cooking and Baking

We love to do homemade pizza nights. My girls help make their own, and they enjoy being involved in the cooking whenever they can. Check out some great recipes for ideas on different meals and snacks you can make with your kids to help cure cabin fever!

Winter Survival Tips :: Fun Indoor Activities for Kids | Columbia SC Moms BlogWhat do you do to make winter indoors with young kids fun?


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