You Know You Are in Your 1st Trimester When…


The first trimester of pregnancy is well-known for symptoms of fatigue, nausea, increased urination, and breast tenderness. But how do these symptoms really affect women’s day to day lives? I crowdsourced and asked my family and friends to complete the following sentence: “You know you are in your 1st trimester when…” Here are some of the hilarious results. 

  1. You can smell the difference between tap and filtered water.
  2. An 80s TV commercial made you cry.
  3. An in-home date with your husband is him watching TV while you sleep on the couch.
  4. You enjoy a midnight snack of hot dogs and antacids.
  5. You wake up in the middle of the night because your bladder no longer sleeps.
  6. Your boobs adopt a no hugging policy.
  7. You can’t brush your teeth without gagging.
  8. You repeatedly google “cute pregnancy announcements.”
  9. You regularly deep clean your toilets because you’re always hugging them.
  10. You literally get mad at the fact that you have to eat, because all food sounds so gross.
  11. You smell rotten food before it’s rotten.
  12. You take a nap after work and don’t wake up until morning.
  13. You try to make dinner and end up calling your husband to tell him you’re trapped upstairs in your bedroom until he airs the food smells out of the house.
  14. You keep a hair tie on your wrist at all times in case you have to quickly pull back your hair to vomit.
  15. Your first priority when entering a building is to locate the bathroom.
  16. You think your freshly showered and teeth brushed husband stinks.
  17. You take a nap, make your bed, and have to take another nap from the work of making the bed.
  18. You took a nap parked in the driveway because the couch was too far.
  19. You can’t squeeze into the dress you were fitted for less than a week before because your rib cage has already shifted.
  20. You live off of unsalted rice cakes because even saltines have too much flavor.
  21. You seriously consider using depends to limit your amount of trips to the bathroom… but then just walk to the bathroom again.
  22. You find yourself admiring every single newborn you pass in every single store.
  23. You can’t scroll through all the food posts on Facebook or Instagram without gagging.
  24. 8:30 begins to sound like a reasonable adult bedtime.
  25. You already got a positive pregnancy test result, but you bought four other tests that you continue to take a few days apart because you just don’t believe that its true.

What would you add to this list?


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