You Will Always Be My Valentine


Valentine’s Day.

This may be some people’s least favorite day of the year. Honestly, I was never a big fan. It seems like one of those glorified days in which men and women are inclined to spend money on a nice dinner, a night out, flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries or maybe you just upgrade the menu for a night in with a more decadent steak dinner or something like that.

Valentine’s Day, for my husband and I, has looked something like what I have described above for the most part in the past. I remember the year my husband (sweet as he is) got me flowers and a teddy bear. A TEDDY BEAR (I know some people may love teddy bears but I am just not into it). I was 25 years old and I had to act like I loved that teddy bear.

Bless his heart. He never made that mistake again because my acting skills were in short supply that year. From then on we made Valentine’s Day just a nice evening together. Maybe we rented a movie or made our favorite meal or ordered take out so we didn’t have to deal with waits or crowded restaurants.

But Valentine’s Day changed for us the day our first son was born. His first Valentine’s Day was only a few months later (he was a little more than three months old) and I looked at him, I looked at my husband and knew there was nothing my husband could ever give me that was more precious than my children.

To my husband, you will always be my Valentine (teddy bear year is forgiven!). But now Valentine’s Day is a family affair and not just us. 

As my son grew older, he became a big brother and he becomes more and more excited about Valentine’s Day every year. Low and behold the holiday has begun to grow on me.

It should be to everyone what it is to children. He is so excited to hand-write his cards to everyone in his class. Thrilled to give each and every child an uplifting Valentine’s card.

Valentine’s is not just about your significant other.

So many people in this world feel alone and on Valentine’s Day, some probably feel extra lonely. I wish everyone could feel like they are someone’s Valentine. So I tell my son, when you go to class, make an effort to make everyone feel like they will always be your valentine. 

To my precious boys; you will always be the light of my life. You will always be what matters to me before all else. You will always be encouraged by me to be kind to others. Thank you for teaching me to enjoy Valentine’s Day!

You will always be my Valentine. 


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