$1 Kid-Friendly Summer Movies at Regal Cinemas :: Still a Columbia Favorite!

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Watching $1 summer movies – one of my favorite pastimes growing up!

As a kid, I couldn’t wait for summer vacation to begin! No more homework, lots of time to play with friends and endless activities to look forward to – what more could a child want?

I grew up right here in Columbia, and have fond memories of those fun-filled summer days, including the $1 kid-friendly summer movies!

Back then, there was no Columbiana Grande or Carmike, and if you lived in the area and wanted to catch a flick, you headed down Bush River Road to one of the most popular theaters in town – Dutch Square.

At the time, the theater was separate from the mall where the Ruby Tuesday currently stands. There was no stadium seating and only two movies screens (fingers crossed no one tall or wearing a hat sat in front of you). And if you were talking during film, you might just be hit with a piece of flying popcorn.

My mom would drop me off every week and I would present my “summer movie pass” at the ticket booth. The attendant would mark off my ticket for the week and I would head to the concession stand for Twizzlers and a Coke, my standard movie snack. Once I found a seat, I would bite off both ends of a Twizzler, creating a “straw” to drink my soda through.

I was the quintessential kid of the 80’s.

I haven’t thought about those memories in a long time … until I saw where Regal Cinemas is offering $1 kid-friendly movies all summer long.

As part of Regal’s Summer Movie Express, every Tuesday and Wednesday for 9 weeks this summer, your local Regal Cinemas Theater will show a PG or G-rated movie at 10 a.m. Admission is just $1 for everyone and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.


With movies like The Lego Movie, Smurfs 2 and The Croods, your Tuesdays and Wednesdays are covered! (Very different than the days of Annie and Black Beauty I saw growing up.)

Regal Cinema’s Summer Express Movie Lineup:


Participating Regal Cinemas and Start Dates:

Click on the link for each theater to see exact movie showings and dates.

Regal Columbia Cinema 7, 3400 Forest Drive, Suite 3000, Columbia 29204 (Starts Tuesday, June 3)

Regal Columbiana Grande Stadium 14, 1250 Bower Pkwy, Columbia 29212 (Starts Tuesday, June 10)

Regal Sandhill Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX, 450 Town Center Place, Columbia 29229 (Starts Tuesday, June 10)

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to introduce my son to a pastime that was so much fun for me when I was younger. And who knows, I may just show him my Twizzler straw trick … and maybe he’ll love it as much as I did.



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