10 Reasons You’ll Fall in LOVE With Costco {+ Exclusive Membership Offer & Event}

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Costco to bring our readers the following post and Costco Mom Hour event. We believe in sharing products we value and all opinions are 100% genuine and based on our own personal experiences.

10 Reasons You'll Fall in LOVE With Costco {+ Exclusive Membership Offer} - Costco Mom Hour - Columbia SC Moms BlogI have to admit, when I heard Costco was finally coming to Columbia, I was pretty giddy. I always heard fabulous things about the store and couldn’t wait to see firsthand what all the hype was about.

When they finally opened their doors a few months ago, my Facebook feed was flooded with friends commenting on how great the store was … and how PACKED it was during the opening weeks. So I decided to wait a few months for the excitement to die down to see what Costco was all about.

But we all know how mom life gets. Things got busy and I had yet to make my trip. That’s why I was so excited about the opportunity to host Costco Mom Hour! It gave me just the push I needed to make my trip a reality, while also giving other moms the same opportunity – not to mention a dedicated time to shop before the crowds along with great giveaways, food, swag, sweet membership specials … and did I mention food? A win-win!

I had a chance to come check out the store, learn all about the products they offer (including their own line of amazing Kirkland Signature products), and get a one-on-one tour with staff members along with their thoughts on the best items the store offers. And boy did I get some great ideas! I tell you, Costco is even better than I could have imaged! Here are 10 reasons why you will love them too (if you already don’t!).

1. Top Quality Products and Merchandise

I know a lot of stores out there claim to have top quality products, so much to the point that you can tune this statement out, but with Costco it’s true. While many view them as a big box store, they only carry up to three of the top selling brands for each item. So for example, if you were purchasing coffee, they only offer Starbucks and the other two top selling brands of coffee, along with their Kirkland Signature brands. Other top selling brands to take note of sold in their store: Under Armour, Patagonia, Rolex, Adidas … just to name a few.


2. Kirkland Signature Products are Made by the Same People who Make the Top Brands

Curious what the Kirkland coffee tastes like? It’s made by the same folks who make Starbucks. Wondering if the Kirkland diapers will really hold up? They are made by the same folks who make Huggies. And those Kirkland laundry pods? Same thing as Tide. And because Costco is committed to quality, their Kirkland Signature products are rated higher than most leading brands.


Upon hearing this I had to try it out for myself. My top picks? Definitely the Kirkland dishwashing and laundry pods (and we’re pretty loyal to their more expensive counterparts). My dishes were squeaky clean … literally. Honestly, more bang for the buck all around, and at a much lower price. I’m sold!


3. Meals Made Easy

Let’s face it, we’re all busy moms and sometimes you just need a “home cooked meal” that you don’t have to prepare yourself. Their selection of in-house made foods ready to pick up and go is AMAZING! From fresh wraps, to hearty salads, to handmade chicken salad and marinated shrimp, hot rotisserie chicken (no preservatives, MSG free, gluten free, and USDA grade for only $4.99?), loaded pizzas and everything in between – there is no shortage of food to please any palette! These especially came in handy this past week as my mother-in-law came to stay with us a few days unexpectedly.




4. Easy Prepackaged Snacks for Kids (and Adults!)

One of my biggest downfalls is when I want a snack, I don’t have any ready-made “good for you” snacks to choose from. Costco to the rescue! I love that their Kirkland Signature line provides so many great, healthy options to choose from, that won’t leave me reaching for unhealthy pantry items when my hunger is raging. And it also lets me pack my son’s lunchbox with all the good stuff, along with my hubby’s snack bag.


14686147_10153867198092321_514363541_n5. USDA Grade Choice Meats (or Better)

My family is pretty picky about our meats. We normally go to specialty places where the items are fresh cut. I was happy to see an in-house meatcutter providing top quality steaks. There is an open window where you can see staff hard at work. In addition, they do have prepackaged meat products (Kirkland Signature along with other brands). We were equally pleased with both.


14741645_10153867202042321_2060157907_n6. Leader in Organic Sales

If you’re anything like our family, eating organic is important. Costco offers a wide variety of organic foods and is a leading retailer in their offerings. I was able to find the items I needed without sacrificing quality. And I loved seeing some local products in the mix as well!

14658387_10153867193747321_795398297_n7. Pet Food and Supplies

Say what? I loved turning the corner and seeing where I could buy top quality pet products, like Frontline, which saved me an extra trip to the pet store. In addition, they have large bags of pet food, which was perfect for my two 50+ lb. lab mixes. I tested out a 40 lb. bag of Kirland Signature dog food and my pooches goobled it up! And at around $25 a bag, the price was perfect! I also noticed some comfy looking pet beds I may pick up on my next visit.

14658406_10153867201987321_1801869473_n8. Fresh Baked Bakery Items

I was really impressed that Costco makes many of their bakery items on site! That package of 6 muffins on the shelf? I saw them being made in the back, come down a conveyer belt, then packaged and placed on the racks for immediate sale. And they looked DELICIOUS! They also make a lot of their own breads, cakes, cookies … and I loved the pre-assembled trays you could pick up and buy in a pinch!

14699698_10153867194797321_1647196943_n9. Friendly and Helpful Staff

I easily came in contact with at least ten different employees. Whether they were helping me find the items I was looking for, or asking me if there was anything I needed help with, to sharing their personal favorites with me, to explaining the receipt checkout policy since it was my first visit, everyone went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. And in a world where customer service feels like a dying art, this was a gem to find, and definitely something that will keep me coming through the doors.

14658242_10153867217192321_1888582171_n10. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am super impressed with this policy. When investing in a membership, you want to make sure it is something you are going to use and enjoy, and that the products you purchase are going to be things you like. If for any reason you are unhappy, Costco will refund your membership at any time – no hassle.  

Other Great Things About Costco:

  • Free demos and samples on a daily basis. (Seriously, every time I turned the corner I was sampling something different, and it was all super delicious!)
  • The environment in Costco speaks for itself with its cleanliness and well-lit warehouse shopping experience. (The employee giving me a tour even stopped what she was doing to clean up a spill a customer had next to us.)
  • Costco offers many services in and outside of the warehouse: Auto Buying, Check Printing, Travel and Car Rentals, Insurance, Mortgage Financing, Water Delivery, Leaf Guard, Flooring and Windows, Identity Protection, Pharmacy, Hearing Aid, Optical, and Photo Lab. (And the deals were AMAZING!)
  • Discounts to restaurants, movies, spas, and many more. (I loved how you could pick up a weekend vacation package to places close by, like the Biltmore.)
  • Free healthy heart screening, osteoporosis screening to all members and non-members. (I saw several customers taking advantage of these services.)

columbiascfb-1Join us for #CostcoMomHour!

Who :: All Columbia area moms {and their kids}

When :: Friday, Nov. 4 | 9 – 10 a.m.

Where :: Costco, 507 Piney Grove Rd, Columbia, SC 29210 

Why :: In partnership with City Moms Blog Network, dozens of Cotsco stores are opening up an hour early JUST for moms. This is your chance to shop for an hour without the masses OR – if you are not yet a member – come see what the Costco fuss is all about. Note :: you do need to be a member in order to make a purchase, but you can browse for free either way!

SAVE $20 ON A MEMBERSHIP :: We’ve got an exclusive membership deal for you!  Every new member who signs up below will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card and $43 in coupons!  This offer pays for itself!  If you upgrade to an executive membership, you’ll receive a second $20 Costco Cash Card!  {Current members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card for each new member referral through this event.  Must be present at new member sign-up.}  Can’t make it to Costco Mom Hour?  You can still claim this exclusive deal!  Just register below and redeem the offer in store anytime between now and Nov. 4!

Special extras :: At the event, you can expect a continental breakfast and coffee, as well as samples galore throughout the store … the first 100 moms in line will also receive a swag bag full of Kirkland goodies … and during the event there will be some fun giveaways to win as well! There will also be friendly staff members on hand for guided tours and questions.

Cost :: FREE

RSVP :: Join the Facebook event page for updated information and register below {you MUST register in advance}.



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