5 Reasons I Love Kindergarten


My daughter entered kindergarten this year. While she had some anxieties at first, she’s really grown to love it, and so have I! Here are five reasons why…

1. The Art

So much art and worksheets daily. The pile is bigger than I’d like, but my daughter is always so proud of her work, and I can’t get myself to toss out something she put so much effort and pride into. We keep a nice bin and toss a few every now and then. Sometimes she picks a few special ones that I get to bring to work or that get displayed on the fridge. We never run out of display options!

2. The Hats

I know that hats are crafts, but they deserve their own shout-out. Grinch day? Make a Grinch hat. Read-a-thon? Make a book hat. Alphabet day? Make a letter hat. My daughter loves these hats, and one of my favorite things is to pull up to the pick-up line and see what hat she made that day.

3. The Daily Details

I so enjoy the details kindergarteners are willing to give on everything from how someone else got in trouble to how a classmate’s brother got a new toy. They tell each other everything and share it with the world. I know who rides the bus and who walks. I know who gets a Capri Sun with lunch and who is on vacation. Watch out parents, no secret is safe!

4. The Songs

There is a song for everything. Days of the week. Months of the year. The seven continents. My daughter even learns some songs from the 90s with dances (thanks GoNoodle). We are a musical family, so I really enjoy this one. I love to hear the newest song she’s learned and look up a video online and memorize it with her. We love music!

5. The New Words

When my daughter started at a big kid school, I didn’t realize the things she hadn’t encountered yet that she didn’t know the words for. She came home telling me about the “basketball room” and the “dinner room.” It took me a minute to realize she was talking about the gym and the cafeteria. I kind of like her words better, though. I’m sure there will be more this year and I can’t wait. 

What are your favorite things about kindergarten? 


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