7 Ways to Survive Winter With Kids


For me winter is CHALLENGING.

We are lucky to live in a state with very mild winters but I am still not a fan. It’s harder to get out the door due to all the layers… we have to find the leggings, jackets, hats, sweaters for not only ourselves but for these little bodies that do not want to sit still.

In winter, it tends to be more difficult to find things to do around the house or out and about. Obviously, there are still options but there is also the germ effect. Birthday parties, play dates, outings are always a risk in a way because of cold and flu season.

Of course, you want to get the kids out of the house and have a great time. Maybe YOU want to get out of the house (have some adult conversation). But it can be deterring when you know you run that risk of the kids catching something that takes hold of the whole house. It’s hard not to cringe every time someone around you is coughing.

So I know I am not alone when I say I am over the weather being cold and over winter. Spring can’t get here fast enough! 

I can’t be the only parent on Groundhog’s Day that was anticipating this myth to be in my favor. Early spring, hallelujah! I’m holding that groundhog to it this year, old wives tale or not! 

Luckily, we have been blessed with some warm weather lately, which has softened winter’s blow a little bit. But until spring shows her pretty face for real, we all need a way to survive what “Old Man Winter” has in store the rest of this season.

Survival Tips for the Last Few Weeks of Winter

Making S’mores 

Making s’mores can be done any time of year honestly, but there is just something about roasting a marshmallow around a wood-burning fire, all bundled up with your family and friends that makes winter feel kind of nice. Unless you’re the camping type, the smell of the fire is not something you get to enjoy much in the spring and summer in South Carolina, so take advantage of this little thing that the kids will love! 

Spring Shopping

Even though it may not be quite warm enough yet, go ahead and enjoy picking up some spring staples for the kids or for yourself. You know the stores already have that stuff out. I mean, Target had bathing suits out like right after Christmas. It will feel good to have a couple things ready to go for when those random warm days become even more regular. 

Spring Decorating

Go ahead and start putting your winter decor away. Why not start thinking about getting those cute springy pillows and brighter colors out of storage and starting making your home feel like springtime? Have the kids do some spring crafts to get their minds in tune with your own and they will look adorable hung on the refrigerator. Those fun crafts will remind you that the end of winter is in sight. 

Spring Cleaning

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning to-do list. Get your home squeaky clean from the baseboards to organizing your cabinets, closets, and drawers. Nothing keeps you busy like the endless list of housework. When spring arrives your house will be organized and in ship-shape so you can take advantage of the warm weather and get out without a daunting to-do list at home. Have the kids earn some allowance helping you with these tasks! Organization is always a good lesson for them. 

Start Some Seedlings

Start some little seedlings or bulbs in small dirt cups so the kids can watch with anticipation as they begin growing into a plant. We all know kids love getting their hands dirty. They will be ready to plant after the last frost and everyone can enjoy their beauty during the spring! I am a sucker for plants so I love doing this with my kids every year. 

Winter Cooking

Grilling season will soon be upon us. But before it arrives, why not enjoy those belly-warming soups, chili, casseroles and other cold-weather dishes that might not be as appealing when its 80 degrees every day. This is a great way to take advantage of “the little things” before the end of the season. Involve the kids in helping you cook. They love feeling like they helped in the cooking process. 


Turn on the fireplace, make a nice warm cup of tea, curl up with a blanket, read a good book, watch a movie snuggled up with the kids. Spring/summer is a very active time of year so taking some time to relax and to enjoy being snuggly inside is not a bad thing. 

Spring will be here before we know it. I typically stay in a state of denial that it is still winter and start wearing spring clothes when it’s still 55 degrees outside. But hey, to each their own, right? I hope these tips help you while surviving these last few weeks of winter! 

What tips would you add to the list?

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Paige Phillips
Born and raised in Columbia, Paige runs a photography and graphic design business from home while raising two young boys with her husband, Stephen. Most days you will find her juggling between her boys, cooking, finding time to read a book, editing a photo, or enjoying a conversation with her friends. A graduate from the University of South Carolina in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Studio, Paige finds creative ways to use her talents to take her career to the next level in-between building forts, nap times, and tears. She enjoys exchanging stories about the day to day joy and challenges of motherhood. Ashton (4yo) and Boone (18mo) keep her busy but Paige always finds ways to make the most of this mom life.


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