8 Reasons Why I Love Having Teenagers!


I have two kids under the age of five and three children between the ages of 13 and 16. There are certain aspects of parenting that make me love the toddler stage and certain aspects that make me love the teenage stage more. Life can be kind of crazy with kids in such extremely different stages of childhood or young adulthood. These are some of my favorite things about having teenagers!

They Can Bathe Themselves

It’s so nice to be able to say, “Go get your shower” and they walk upstairs by themselves, get their clothes and towel, and can take their own shower and wash their own body. With my 1 and 4 year old I have to carry the one-year-old up stairs, check the water about 10x to make sure it isn’t too hot or too cold, squat down and wash their hair and body, tell the four-year-old about 100x to please stop splashing water on me, her sister, and the bathroom in general, dry them off, dress them … you get the picture.

No More Babysitters

I don’t have to ask grandparents or friends to watch them anymore while my husband and I go out to eat or if I have an appointment. Actually I am super blessed to have them because I trust them enough with my little kids to watch them for a short amount of time. It is nice to not to have to pay a sitter or feel like I am burdening family or friends.

They Sleep Through the Night 

They don’t wake me up in the middle of the night for something to drink or because they wet the bed. I do miss when they would try to come get in my bed in the middle of the night and I miss nighttime cuddles but I cherish my sleep even more.

No More Hauling Half of the House Around 

Have you ever run an errand with a 1-year-old and forgot the diapers or wipes at home? Then, said child has a massive blowout in their diaper? I have. I have had to buy a pack of diapers on the go and I have been super lucky to be able to get one from another mom when I was in a bind. I have also been there for other mothers who forgot or ran out of baby items for their littles. Guess what … teenagers and older kids don’t need half of the house in order to run a quick errand. No diaper bag, no wipes, no pacifier, no extra clothes – just hop in the car, buckle up, and go! It’s amazing.

They Can Make Their Own Food 

My teenagers can make their own food and follow directions from a recipe. They are capable of making their own dinner. When you have toddlers and little children sometimes it’s so hard and frustrating making meal after meal that they waste. It’s exhausting standing on your feet for hours preparing a nice dinner that no one eats. When you have older children or teenagers they can express to you their favorite meals and you can make those, or they can make themselves some scrambled eggs or a sandwich.

They Do Their Own Laundry

My oldest does her own laundry. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how many times us moms have to change a toddler’s clothes. I change my one-year-old’s clothes about 2-3 times a day and the laundry piles up fast. It’s nice when they can wash, dry, fold, and put away their own clothes.


I love spending time with my teenagers. I try to make time for special dates where I can take each of them grocery shopping with me or something special. I can’t carry on intellectual conversations with my one- and four-year-old. Having teenagers is great because you can have great conversations that can be beneficial for both them and yourself. One of my goals with my kids has always been to raise someone that I enjoy spending time with. I can honestly say for the most part I enjoy spending time with my teens.

last but certainly not least…

They Can Wipe Their Own Butt 

I don’t think I need to elaborate. I am SO DONE wiping butts. Some days the one-year-old poops then immediately the four-year-old needs me to wipe her. I can’t even.

I love all of my children but these are a few reasons why I love having teenagers. What are some things that you love about this phase of parenthood?


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