Body Positivity and the Pincher


Body Positivity and the PincherSince having my daughter a scant 15 months ago, I have worked hard to reclaim my body. But not in the way all those glossy magazines would have you do it.

I’ve worked to reclaim the saggy skin around my midsection as not an eyesore but the site where my favorite person once claimed residency.

My boobs, as large as ever, but with slightly lower centers of gravity? Magical milk dispensers that can heal any hurt, provide comfort and nourishment, and are beautiful in their own (downtrodden) way.

I’ve learned to accept that my body is not what it once was – it’s better. It’s my child’s safe place, where she feels warm and loved, and where Mama’s curves translate into softness.

So comfortable in Mama's arms.
So comfortable in Mama’s arms.

My perception of my own body has changed for the better. Mostly.

Except for the pinching. My daughter, like so many toddlers and nurslings, likes to pinch as she snacks, as she cuddles, as she goes throughout her day. Sure, you can ask her to stop and try to redirect the attacks, but that only lasts so long. And nothing makes you feel less fit and fabulous than rolls of belly fat being squished over and over … and over.

And this week’s new revelation – Mama has moles! Lots of them! And we must pinch them off. And that wart on her face near her nose that for decades wasn’t given any thought? It’s now the center of toddler-attention. And what in the world is that by Mama’s eye? A skin-tab? Great! Those are SO FUN to pull.

But there’s the silver lining. Those spots, those imperfections, even my curly hair (so fun to pull and release!) provide countless hours of fun.

And all it costs is a little dignity.

Totally worth it.


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