Care Packages for the Mom-to-Be and New Moms


I love any reason to send a care package to someone. I have a few friends who are pregnant right now, so I plan on sending care packages to them.

I like to send things via Amazon, but you can also purchase locally and do a porch drop-off. If you do want to see your friend face to face, be sure to wear a face covering, wash your hands before touching that belly, and keep your distance. Even better? Get a COVID test before visiting. After baby is born, consider visiting via Zoom or Facetime. 

Here are some of my favorite items to send a mom-to-be or new mom

For the hospital:

  • Loose-fitting gowns. These are perfect for the hospital because people are going to be coming in and looking at and poking around all the things (COVID aside). Plus, if the new mama is breastfeeding, it will be easy to pull down the neck. You can also buy a nursing night gown. These are perfect for those last days of pregnancy, time in the hospital, and for when mom and baby go home. 
  • Cheap slippers to throw out on her way out of the hospital. Fuzzy socks are so fun and cozy slippers are nice, but for something that will be used in the hospital, I suggest something very inexpensive that mama can throw out on her way out the door.
  • Disposable masks and hand sanitizer. I doubt many people will be able to visit the new mama, but it’s a good idea to have have these on hand, just in case. 
  • Snacks. Hospitals are crowded right now, and food may take longer to get to the new mama’s room than normal. Fill that care package with solid snacks – granola bars, nuts, and trail mix. 
  • Consider not sending flowers and plants/balloons to the hospital. Everything you send to the hospital is going to need to come home. The less the new parents have to worry about, the better. 

For the first few weeks back home:

  • Depends for Women. This might sound odd, but these were wonderful for me. The hospital sends you home with enormous maxi pads but when those run out, what do you do? I was nervous about regular maxi pads, so I bought some Depends for Women, and I was so happy I did. The new mom won’t have to wear them forever, but they are nice to have that first week or two back home.
  • Epsom salt and other bath items. Give the new mom some nice bath items to encourage her to take some personal time. I will never forget those first few weeks after giving birth. I have never been so tired, and the short time I had alone in the bath each day (I had to have sitz baths for my healing) was lovely. 
  • A pretty (comfortable) robe, long shirts, and/or leggings. New moms need all the soft, comfortable things to wear at home that they can get!  
  • Treats for pets. If your friend is a pet lover, don’t leave out her furbabies! Bring them some special treats too.
  • A giant water bottle. It doesn’t really matter if you are a new mom or not, water is important. For the new mom, drinking water may be the last thing on her mind, but it will help with all the things (constipation, breastfeeding, etc.) – a giant water bottle will serve as a great reminder to drink up.
  • Gift certificates to delivery services like Shipt, Instacart, Postmates, and Door Dash. The new parents are not going to want to leave the house – help them get everything they need delivered to their doorstep. 

What would you add to this list? 


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