Cinco de Mayo :: Where to Celebrate (and not) with Kids


Cinco de Kiddo

Wahoo! It’s Cinco de Mayo and you’re ready to party! But wait – what are you going to do with the kids? And don’t you have to go to work tomorrow, or at the very least not be hungover at the park play date your toddler has on his social calendar?

It’s true, Cinco de Mayo looks a little different these days, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun! Just for you, we have compiled a list of Midlands’ hot-spots that are kid-friendly for your new Cinco de Mayo tradition.

Places to Visit

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s is offering $5 burritos at limited locations and free t-shirts until they run out! It’s great for kids, but might be a little busy.


Okay, it may not be a traditional Mexican restaurant, but you can still get your chips and cheese dip.

Taco Bell

No, it’s definitely not traditional or authentic, but it is kid and budget friendly! Plus you can get in and out quickly, which is perfect for a fussy baby or toddler. And you don’t feel completely guilty if your kid makes a mess.

El Burrito

El Burrito is a family-friendly restaurant and since they serve only beer and wine, the margarita crowd may skip it for the day.

Your House

You don’t have to go to a restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Pick up a some ground beef or chicken from you local grocery store along with a taco kit and all the fixings! Download some festive music and pull out some somberos and you’re ready to go!

Places You May Want to Avoid


They have great drink specials all day so will likely be overrun with college students trying to recover from finals.

San Jose/Monterrey‘s

With fish-bowl margaritas on the menu, you know they’re in for a big day. Plus from past experience, be ready for a wait. You may be able to handle it but your child … not so much.

Real Mexico

Truly a fantastic restaurant, but with a loyal following and one of the most authentic menus in the area, they will be busy. (But seriously, check them out!)

Where will you be headed for Cinco de Mayo?


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