Fashion Tips I Learned From My 2-Year Old

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Fashion has always been a mystery to me. Like how do you match those crazy patterned leggings? I can never find a shirt that looks right with them. Also, when did baggy shirts come back in style? And why can’t I find any non-skinny legged jeans?

Some fashion trends I will never get, but lately I’ve been observing my 2-year-old’s fashion. She always seems so confident and never has a care in the world about what anyone thinks about what she’s wearing. A lesson we all could use! So, during my observations I’ve documented several tips worth sharing and taking to heart.  

  1. If it’s your favorite shirt, just wear it. Even if it doesn’t match anything else in your closet. If you just wear it with confidence, no one will care.  
  2. Dresses are always a good choice, no matter what the occasion. Put on some tennis shoes: you can wear it on the playground. Put on some sandals: you can wear to dinner. Put on some socks: you can wear to bed. It’s your choice. If you can’t find a dress and you are in a pinch, a large t-shirt from your mom or dads dresser works as well.
  3. Brushing your hair is optional. It takes time that ain’t nobody got. Messy hair don’t care and it’s cool to say “I woke up like this.” Plus bed head and tussled tresses are totally in. 

    She definitely woke up like this.
  4. No one cares about stains. Stains on clothes are like a map from your day and are worn with pride. Wonder what I ate for breakfast? I’d like to direct you to the blueberry stain on the top left. Curious what was for lunch? See the middle section for the spaghetti sauce stain. Wondering if I’m hydrated?  See the dried milk spot on the bottom right.
  5. Socks do not have to match or even be close to the same style. Just choose whichever two you’d like. Even if your mom or dad has lovingly matched them for you prior to placing them in your dresser, be sure you take them all apart and mix them up before choosing.
  6. Being naked is always an option. Despite what society thinks, it’s sometimes nice to be free and let yourself air out a bit. Just be sure the curtains are drawn before you get too free 🙂 
  7. Your outfit can absolutely be built around which shoes you’d like to wear. In fact, it’s suggested that you put your shoes on first prior to putting on any other articles of clothing. For an added bonus, refuse to take them off and enjoy watching a responsible adult try to put skinny jeans over those clunkers.

    Rain boots are always a good choice.
  8. Purses, purses, purses. You can’t go wrong with adding a purse to any outfit. Also, a purse is anything with a handle including grocery bags, back packs, and baskets. These are also great in multiples. You can’t have too many places to put your stuff or you can always carry them empty.
  9. Chapstick can be used on places other than your lips. Dry hands, dry chins, dry cheeks? Just put some Chapstick on it! Be sure you use a brand new tube, too. Bonus points if it’s cherry flavored and you get to add some red color along with the moisture. 
  10. The clothes someone else picks out for you are NEVER okay to wear. Clothing must be picked out by you only. If a responsible adult tries to put you in a matching outfit, run away!
Costumes are always an option too. Even if they are 5 sizes too big and are worn for 5 weeks straight.

I think we can learn a lot from kids, especially when it comes to fashion. Style is what you make it. Wear what you want. Do what you want. The only person you have to answer to is YOU! No one else really matters and honestly, no one else probably cares!

*Thanks to fellow Columbia SC Moms Blog contributors for the pictures of your littles and their awesome fashion choices!

What are some fashion choices your toddler has made?

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