Fun Things to Put in Easter Baskets That Aren’t Candy


Fun Things to Put in an Easter Basket that Aren't Candy - Columbia SC Moms BlogNot a fan of sugar comas? Here are some alternative Easter basket ideas for kids of all ages! 

  1. Use an umbrella or rain boots instead of a basket. Include a game or two to play on spring rainy days. Board games, cards, dice, puzzles, activity pads etc. go a long way. 
  2. Grab a bucket and fill it with sand toys, garden utensils, flip flops or water shoes, sunglasses or hat, a new bathing suit, bubbles, water bottle, chalk, balls, jump rope and other things to spend hours with outside on those pretty days. 
  3. Pick out spring themed stuffed animals and tuck them in with a new pajama set, Easter socks, and a cool new toothbrush with their own toothpaste. It’s a fun way to get excited about that bedtime routine.
  4. Consider a “hands on” basket. Put spring craft materials, coloring books, stickers, nail polish, a birdhouse to build.  
  5. Speaking of birdhouses … a birdhouse or wind chime can also be tossed in with a box of wildflower seeds, a grow kit, or bulbs and mini garden tools. Kids can paint their own flower pot cheaply then grow things in it to celebrate spring. 
  6. Put together a basket that fosters quality time. Include a movie, book, and healthy snack like popcorn and juice boxes for cozy time together on the couch. 
  7. Small toys, like cars or dolls, legos,  small instruments, and slime fit easily in most containers and aren’t edible. 
  8. Bath toys, bubbles, bath bombs, bath paint, goggles to keep water and soap out of their eyes, even special towels or a super soft robe are a special idea many kids love. 
  9. For teens and preteens specifically, consider electronic accessories like ear buds, chargers, and phone protectors. Useful items include key chains, chapstick, make-up or make-up brushes, anti-breakout face moisturizers, perfume and deodorant, sponges and bath bombs, nice toothbrush with whitening toothpaste, wallet or purse, key and key chain, a book journal or planner, stress ball, tumbler, ice packs and new running shoes or cleats. Likewise, to wear you could include an outfit, jewelry, a new pair of shoes, festive socks, or durable flip flops. A small donation in their name small gift card for an ice cream place or other treat, are original surprises. For more personal items, you could try a sentimental note, a photo album with pictures of them containing notes and a theme – like brave, old clothes of theirs fashioned into a blanket. 
  10. Think of a kid’s hobby: do they need sports accessories, art supplies, sheet music or an instrument? 
  11. If you celebrate Easter for religious reasons, try including a book of prayer, Bible, or nice devotional with a journal. Similarly, a nice cross, funny shirts, or wristbands to wear for older kids may be a hit. For younger ones, a puzzle, Bible activity pad, or movie featuring the Easter story are fun. There is always Christian crafts and music. 
  12. Books … whether it’s the latest bestseller, a self help book with a cool title, something they’ve always wanted to learn about, or a biography they just have to check out, I can promise you there is always a book on sale for everyone you know.
  13. Give instead of receive, and rather than filling a basket with things that will soon be used up, broken, or forgotten, fill a basket each with things to donate, make a fun trip of it, and enjoy food together to celebrate. 

Whatever you put in your baskets this year, we hope you enjoy this special time with your family! What ideas would you add to the list?

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