Grocery Shopping :: Overcoming the Meltdowns


Grocery Shopping :: Overcoming the Meltdowns | Columbia SC Moms BlogRecently, I posted on my social media page regarding my toddler’s nap time and grocery shopping. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only mommy with this problem or who felt this way. Thanks to my 20-month-old, grocery shopping has become my latest struggle. Here is why…

1. He has to ride in the “car buggy” … you know, the buggy that is shaped like the taxi cab or the school bus.

If these buggies are not available, I have to push him around in a normal buggy mimicking the sound of taxi cabs, buses, airplanes, or singing baby shark or old McDonald and his farm. All of this while trying to plan my low carb menu in my head (because I didn’t have anytime at home to write it down before shopping) and search for discounted meats (please tell me I’m not the only one who removes all 50 packs of meat out of the freezer trying to save .05 cents). 

2. Once the taxi cab, the bus, or the imaginary baby shark mobile, has started rolling, he has to make eye contact with perfect strangers and exercise his vocabulary.

“Hi!” “H’wello!” Some days this is great to spark conversation and network with strangers, make mom friends, or flirt with other single men/single dads, but most days gym clothes from two summers ago while smelling like breast milk and I’m usually not in the mood to socialize with strangers because I’m afraid he’s going to burst out in an attack if the cart is not moving. 

3. He has to have something in his hands.

I don’t care if its a magazine, the car keys, or a loaf of bread … if something is not in his hands, the kid is not going to feel like he is shopping and now a level 10 alarm is sounding in the store as he screams down every aisle alerting the entire grocery store that he is having a meltdown. Now everyone is coming to my rescue, trying to calm him down (which I secretly believe he enjoy for the attention). 

4. He has to flirt with the checkout lady.

And the checkout lady has to help him pretend to scan items. Meanwhile I’m getting sassy looks from the other shoppers who are impatiently waiting to check out. How embarrassing?! 

The Lifesaving Alternatives

So to help me out with my newest anxiety, grocery shopping, a mom-friend suggested grocery delivery services! I’m in my mid 30’s but I’m very old fashioned and unhip when it comes to stuff like this. So I decided to put my research to the test and discover which grocery shopping/deliver services are out here. 

1. Kroger

This happens to be my one of my favorite grocery stores and coincidentally, the grocery store where my toddler has the most meltdowns. They promise to have groceries delivered in as little as one hour and your first time is free! 

2. Walmart

Walmart their own dedicated app just for grocery shopping. Sign up and they will give you $10 off your first order by using the code WOWFRESH. Depending on your zip code, you have the option to pick up or have it delivered. How it works? You do your grocery shopping online, then reserve a time to go by their store to pick if your items (which is great when you are trying to avoid baby/toddler meltdowns). Want to find out more about this service? Read about our firsthand experience trying out Walmart’s online grocery service

3. Publix

Probably the OG in the grocery pick up/delivery business. Powered by Instacart, Publix was the first grocery store that I was aware provided grocery deliver service. In fact, at the time this service was introduced, I had no desire to become pregnant, lol! Instacart also partners with Kroger, CVS pharmacy, and more! Check out their membership fees and additional availability. Also, be aware that since someone is delivering groceries to your home, it is common practice to tip. However, the convenience of having someone pick up everything you need and not have to set foot in the grocery store can be worth it.  

4. Bi-Lo

Powered by a service called Shipt, they bring the store to your door. There is an annual fee to sign up, but they often offer enticing specials and freebies when you sign up. While there is a cost to participate, you don’t have to deal with meltdowns in the store (which is a win-win). Shipt does offer delivery services for other retailers as well, so it may be worth taking advantage of for the benefits involved. 

Since researching this information, grocery shopping seems like it may be fun again! I plan on utilizing all of the services to get my freebies, then once I am out of options I will probably stick to my favorite store. Have you tried any grocery shopping delivery or pick up services? Which are your favorite? 


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