The Grown-Up Version of Valentine’s Day


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Most of us stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day around the time we graduated from high school, although there were a few college age girls that still receive red roses delivered to their dorms. Valentine’s Day is for kids, right? Cute little cards and sugary sweetheart candy, delivered to every kid in the class. This year, why don’t we make it about each other? Here are some ideas my husband and I tossed around to commemorate the day.

1. Date Night

For example – get a sitter for an hour before you go out to dinner so you have time to get ready in peace and do your make-up without little people trying to steal your eye lash curler. Need some recommendations for good places to go? Here are some of our favorite eateries and creative ideas around Columbia. 

2. Arrange to Have the House Cleaned

Professionally. By someone other than each other. No one is vying to clean the house on their time off. Treat yourselves to a deep cleaning by a professional service. It’s well worth it and everything stays tidy for at least 10 minutes. Ask your friends for recommendations, or try out one we can personally vouch for on the blog, Cottage Care.

3. Write a Hand-Written Note

Make time to write some lovely words of affirmation to your partner, on nice stationary. Don’t just sign your name to a fancy foil-wrapped Hallmark. Write a few sentences to the person you have chosen to spend your nights with. A hand-written note is rare in these days of texting, email, and Snapchat. Be sincere and loving. It’s something to be cherished.

4. Treat Yourselves to a Treat

It doesn’t have to be chocolate, unless that’s what you enjoy together. It could be a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer, a couples’ massage, or a spin class. Whatever you do, make sure it is something that you can spend time doing or enjoying together. The memory is part of the gift.

5. Make Time for One Another

Not just on the sofa … ya know, in the bedroom. Wink, wink. As parents, we are all exhausted. All the time. It doesn’t end just because it’s the weekend or because it’s Valentine’s Day. But try to take the time for each other in an affectionate way. Everywhere you go in stores, there are hearts and x’s and o’s. So show your partner some lovin’.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, make it count. All holidays do not have to revolve around the kids. Occasionally, it’s OK to make it about our grown-up counterparts. 

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day for showing your significant other how much they mean to you?


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