How I Became a Rainbow Mom: A Story of Open Hearts and Second Chances


How I Became a Rainbow Mom - Columbia SC Moms BlogI just knew something wasn’t right.

In March 2013 I took a home pregnancy test that came back positive. My boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months, I was working full time at an urgent care facility, and I had just finished my EMT certification. A few days later I began cramping and I felt very tired. The cramping and exhaustion went on for 3 weeks.

On April 16, 2013, I was at work and the cramping became unbearable. I went to the restroom and noticed I was bleeding. I left work and went to the Emergency Room where my boyfriend (now husband) met me. When they did the ultrasound, they saw the baby at the bottom of my uterus and told me that I was most likely having a miscarriage. They gave me some strong medication and sent me home.

When I arrived home I took a shower and passed a large clot of blood which is what I think was the embryo. I had never felt so hopeless, so hurt, and confused. Why was this happening to me?

The next day my husband took off of work to spend the day with me. He drove us to Charleston for the day. I’ll never forget how special that made me feel after the loss we had just endured the day before. We visited the Angel Oak, went out for coffee, and walked a little bit on the beach. Part of my memory from that day is hazy because of the medication.

My son was 8 at the time and an only child. He was so excited that he could possibly be getting a brother! One morning while I was still pregnant I was in the kitchen and he was laying in the living room. He looked over at my tummy as I was making breakfast and said, “Good morning Spike.” I laughed and laughed. I try to remember the good memories from that time in my life. Needless to say when we refer to the baby that we lost we call it, Spike.

My boyfriend and I married that summer on his family’s farm up in Hominy Falls, West Virginia with our older three children from previous relationships. It was a beautiful wedding. Two months later I took another home pregnancy test and found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby.

My rainbow baby, Heidi with her great great grandmother.
My rainbow baby, Heidi with her great, great grandmother.



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