Just in Time for Summer! The “New School” Laundry Regimen

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    Just in Time For Summer: New School Laundry Regimen | Columbia SC Moms BlogLet’s face it, the South Carolina heat is brutal. And you can pretty much bet you are going to break a sweat in the ten steps it takes to get from your front door to your car (and we’re just talking about 8 a.m. here). Add in a day full of kids playing outside, swimming, camps, long trips in the car and you’ve got sweat … and a lot of smelly, dirty clothes.

    It used to be you would grab your liquid detergent and run a load. While the scent smells great in the container, it often gets lost somewhere between the washer and dryer. And although you know your clothes are clean, it feels like something is missing. Where is that fresh, clean scent? And while we’re at it, how does the liquid detergent always end up dripping down the side of the container despite my best attempts?

    There’s a “New School Laundry” Regimen in Town

    I have to admit, as a busy mom, I get stuck in my routine of picking up the same products at the store … especially when it comes to detergent. While I’ve noticed new products lining the shelves, it wasn’t until recently that I truly took the time to find out more about them and the unique benefits they offer. Several products like Gain, available at Walmart, can really freshen up the laundry room, which is just what you need as the summertime stains and odors make their way back to your home. Gain’s “new school laundry” laundry regimen has changed the way I do laundry, and it involves just four easy steps.

    Step 1: Add a Gain Fling to Your Empty Washing Machine

    Remember that dripping liquid detergent container I asked about? No more! Gain has created the perfect pre-measured detergent pac that combines the best qualities of both liquid and powdered detergent, along with oxy boost and Febreeze, to really fight grime and odor with their amazing fresh scent. One detergent pac will usually do it. If your clothes are particularly dirty, you can toss in a second to clean and freshen even better. 

    Gain Fling - New School Laundry Regimen | Columbia SC Moms BlogStep 2: Add Gain Fireworks Scent Boosting Beads to Your Washing Machine

    Scent boosting beads are a newer product on the market, and they work so incredibly well to lock in that fresh scent all day long (and beyond!). They are the perfect complement to Flings, and work especially well when you have that extra smelly load of laundry to wash (like the wet towel your kid left in his backpack a few days). Use a little or a lot – a full cap provides the maximum scent boost when added to your washer’s drum along with your detergent.

    Gain Fireworks Scent Boosting Beads - New School Laundry Regimen | Columbia SC Moms BlogStep 3: Add Gain Fabric Softener to Your Wash

    Fabric softener serves two purposes – it softens your fabrics while also strengthening and protecting them in the wash. A win-win! Simply fill the cap up to the appropriate line and add it to your machine’s dispenser before you start the wash. I love how amazingly soft it makes my clothes, and no lie, my son always raves about his fresh, soft, cozy sheets every time they come out of the wash and onto his bed.

    Gain Fabric Softener - New School Laundry Regimen | Columbia SC Moms BlogStep 4: Use Gain Dryer Sheets

    Dryer sheets complete the new school laundry regimen by controlling static, preventing wrinkles, softening and freshening clothes in the dryer. Simply toss a dryer sheet into every load you dry. Use two for extra large loads.

    Gain Dryer Sheet - New School Laundry Regimen | Columbia SC Moms BlogAnd there you have it! Four easy steps that bring you up to speed on the new school way to do laundry while helping you maximize stain removal and keep clothes as fresh as they can be!

    Try it for Yourself! Free Products & Money Saving Coupons at Walmart!

    Want to try out the new school method for yourself with the Gain products I’ve been loving in my household? Lucky for you, Walmart is providing samples of these amazing products along with some valuable money saving coupons this Saturday, May 6 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the following supercenters:

    Walmart Supercenter            10060 Two Notch Road, Columbia

    Walmart Supercenter            321 Killian Road, Columbia       

    Walmart Supercenter            1780 S. Lake Drive, Lexington       

    Walmart Supercenter            5556 Sunset Blvd, Lexington

    Walmart Supercenter            1283 Broad Street, Sumter                       

    Walmart Supercenter            2795 North Road, Orangeburg  

    Walmart Supercenter            2240 W. Dekalb Street, Camden

    Find out More About Gain Products Available at Walmart With Me!

    We’ll be streaming live from the Walmart store on Sunset Blvd. in Lexington during the May 6 event at 1 p.m. on Columbia SC Moms Blog’s Facebook page! Stop in and say hello, or check us out online as we share all the details on what to expect at this event.

    And be sure to tune into WIS TV’s Midlands Marketplace on Friday, May 5 at 12:25 p.m. to catch us talking more about doing laundry the new school way!

    For more information on these Gain products, visit your nearest Walmart or online at Walmart’s New School Laundry page.

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