On a Mission for One Thing :: Husbands & Hobby Lobby


On a Mission for One Thing :: Husbands and Hobby Lobby | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Let me start by saying, my husband is an absolute doll and most anything I ask him to do, he’s all in. He does, however, draw the line at any request to embark on a “quick trip” with me to Hobby Lobby. You see, he says, there is no such thing as a “quick trip” to Hobby Lobby. 

Am I the only one who wants nothing more than to prove their husband wrong. Just. One. Time… 

Off to a Good Start

Last Saturday after our usual relaxing morning enjoying coffee and community at The Haven, I asked if he wouldn’t mind running me by Ulta. (Can we all just take a moment to thank God for this beautiful blessing to Lexington!!! I’m a Belk and a Home Goods away from never having to hit Harbison traffic ever again!) I convinced him I needed just “one quick thing” and it would only take a moment. He agreed and I actually surprised myself that I literally stuck to the “one quick thing” and was back in the car in under 10 minutes. By this time, our 15 month old was fast asleep in the backseat so I thought I’d try my luck once more.

Pushing My Luck

“While we’re right here, can I run in to Hobby Lobby really quick? I just need one thing there too.” He sighed deeply, and slowly turned his head to look at me and gave me the “are you kidding me right now” face. I quickly rebutted with “I swear. I just need one thing. I’ll be out as quick as I was at Ulta.” At this point he got a bit animated. Through hysterical laughter he says to me, “No way in God’s green earth can you walk in to Hobby Lobby and only walk out with one thing. But sure. Whatever you want to do dear!” his voice dripping with sarcasm at this point.


All that convincing him, I had convinced myself too. I really, truly, thought I could walk in to Hobby Lobby, head straight to the floral aisle, grab the styrofoam block I needed and walk out. (After checking out with a 40% off coupon of course!) I grabbed my wallet and headed in.

I can’t explain what happened when my stride lead me over the threshold. Those double doors whooshed open and light shone from the heavens. All of a sudden the creative juices were flowing like a river and I realized I had at least 2 other projects I had been dying to complete. With it being a rainy weekend, I might actually have some time to work on them… And the baby is asleep in the car… And Neil is perfectly content listening to his ESPN talk radio. I better grab those supplies while I’m here. It will only take a “quick second,” I thought. We women can justify anything, can’t we? And we certainly know how to make the most of a toddler’s nap time!

After grabbing the one thing I came for, I scurried around the store grabbing canvases, paint, paint brushes, and oh, let me just lay eyes on the clearance section to make sure I’m not missing anything. Before I knew it, 35 minutes had passed. It was the darndest thing! How in the world did time pass so quickly?

I reeled my creative juices in before they got me in major trouble and headed for the checkout. Eyeballing my treasures on the counter I silently admitted defeat. I may have contemplated ways to hide the additional items just so I didn’t have to admit my husband was right and I was wrong. Why didn’t I bring in the “mom purse?” Or the diaper bag? These jeans don’t have pockets deep enough to hide an 11×14 canvas!

Walk of Shame

I sheepishly opened the car door with three bags in hand. My husband took one look at me and burst into laughter. “One quick thing, huh? I knew it wasn’t possible.” I guess he knows me better than I know myself. 

To my other crafty mamas out there, have you conquered the hypnotizing danger zone that is Hobby Lobby and managed to escape with just that “one thing” you went for? If so, you have some kind of laser focused will power I need to tap in to! Oh, and don’t even get me started on Target…

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Born and raised in Metro Atlanta, Megan fled the anxiety inducing traffic as soon as she could, attended the University of South Carolina where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications, and never looked back. She met her husband, unfortunately a Clemson Tiger, Neil, online (like all the cool kids do these days) and while planning their wedding she decided to add a bit more stress to her life and simultaneously obtained her Masters degree in Organizational Change and Leadership from Columbia College. She’s nothing if not ambitious! They have since dropped their anchor in Lexington, SC and welcomed their first baby girl, Lileigh (pronounced Lily - Neil is an educator and is well aware of what we've set her future teachers up for...you're welcome!), in January 2017. Megan works in healthcare administration, enjoys volunteering with the Junior Women’s Club of Lake Murray, crafting, coffee, reading, photography, and most of all, soaking up every moment possible with her rapidly growing tot! The last five years have been a whirlwind and she's looking forward to finding ways to slow down and enjoy all of her blessings!


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