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Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with the Colonial Life Arena and Monster Jam to bring our readers the following post. While we received free tickets to the show, all opinions are our own.

On Friday, February 5, the Columbia SC Moms Blog team and their families had the chance to attend the Monster Jam at the Colonial Life Arena and spend time before the show interviewing Jon Zimmer, the driver for one of the most popular Monster Jam trucks, Grave Digger.

Monster Jam - Columbia SC Moms Blog - Jon Zimmer - Grave Digger
One of our newest contributors, Brandi’, with her daughter and Grave Digger driver, Jon Zimmer.

It was an exciting evening, as our families were looking forward to enjoying quality time together and our children were pumped at the opportunity to personally speak one-on-one with a real life driver.

And truth be told, we were just as pumped too!

Anticipation was at an all time high, especially as we walked down the Colonial Life Arena corridors and caught glimpses of the famous trucks waiting for the opportunity to show their stuff in the pit.

Monster Jam Columbia - Columbia SC Moms Blog #MonsterJamCLA
Catching a peek at Carolina Crusher before the doors opened.

Getting to Know Jon Zimmer

While each of our team members had questions in mind of things we wanted to know about Jon Zimmer and Monster Jam overall, it was hard to keep our little ones from asking all the things they wanted to know – from a child’s standpoint. But being a father, Zimmer understood and was very cordial in entertaining the imaginative minds children are known for.

Case in point, Gabe.

He had ALL. THE. QUESTIONS. And you can’t help but love his ingenuity and thought process behind the questions he came up.

How much did your truck cost? $70?

Ahhh…. don’t we all WISH we could buy a car, especially one as amazing as the Grave Digger at that price! (Heck, we’d settle for a grocery bill that low at this point!)

No, not quite $70. A little more. It costs around $250,000.

Monster Jam - Grave Digger - Jon Zimmer - Columbia SC Moms Blog
Katrina’s son Gabe was soooo interested in learning everything he could about Monster Jam trucks!

The True Grandeur of Monster Trucks

Whoa. Now you really understand the grandeur of this vehicle!

Overall, Monster Jam trucks are 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide, and sit atop 66-inch-tall tires, weighing at a minimum 10,000 pounds.

Talk about massive! While sitting in the stands, a person on the track looks about the size of an ant standing next to these vehicles.

But it’s more than just a big truck that makes Monster Jam vehicles unique. They can generate up to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds up to 100 miles per hour. To say it’s exciting to watch them race around the track and perform tricks is an understatement. There are no words to describe what a thrill it is to see them in action.

Monster Jam - Grave Digger - John Zimmer - Columbia SC Moms Blog
Check out that air! That was just ONE of the amazing stunts Grave Digger and the rest of the Monster Jam trucks demonstrated!

A Show The Whole Family Can Enjoy

And the incredible part is it’s not just boys or adults or truck lovers who find this type of event exciting. We had several moms on our team who were experiencing Monster Jam for the first time and were on the edge of their seats.

Our children, including two 2-year-olds (both a boy and a girl) were equally enthralled. In fact, our new contributor, Brandi’, said she had never seen her 2-year-old daughter so engrossed in something before (foreshadowing for a future Monster Jam driver???).

And as entertaining as the show was, one of the best parts was the family time it allowed us. Time after time when I looked around, kids were sitting in mom and dad’s laps, cuddles and embraces were happening, and families were smiling and laughing, genuinely having a good time with one another.

Monster Jam - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Monster Jam - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Monster Jam - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Experience the Family-Fun for Yourself

Monster Jam is more than exciting truck competition, it’s an event that brings families together. Take advantage of the remaining show times on February 6 for yourself. There is truly something for everyone. #MonsterJamCLA

Monster Jam - columbia sc moms blog

Find out more about Jon Zimmer‘s incredible story and how he got his start with Monster Jam.

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with the Colonial Life Arena and Monster Jam to bring our readers the following post. While we received free tickets to the show, all opinions are our own.

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