Pregnancy The Second Time Around


When I found out this summer that I was pregnant with our second child, I couldn’t help but compare the experience to my first pregnancy. I assumed there would be backaches and morning sickness, as well as intense cravings for random assortments of food. Now that I am nearly halfway through this pregnancy, I can’t help but focus on the differences. Even though I’ve been pregnant with girls both times, these pregnancies couldn’t be more opposite.

Here are just some of the ways my pregnancies have been different. 

No Morning Sickness

This has probably been the best part of this pregnancy. Despite the fatigue and headaches, I have yet to experience nausea as intensely as it was with my first. The few times I have felt it creeping in, I can tell it’s because I need water or a snack, so I can nip it quickly. 

No Intense Cravings

While there have been some minor food aversions this time, I haven’t craved anything during this pregnancy. With my first, it was ice cream and coco Rice Krispies cereal. While certain foods taste even better (I’m looking at you, instant cheese grits), I haven’t inherently craved anything specific. This has been great because I can focus on putting good food in my body without feeling like I’m depriving myself of things I truly want. 

More Aches Early On

Even though I haven’t experienced morning sickness, I feel like this go round I’ve had more aches and pains early on. During my first pregnancy, I developed intense tailbone and sciatic nerve pain during my third trimester. It was miserable because I could never quite get comfortable. This pregnancy, I started getting migraine level headaches early on, and more recently the sciatic nerve pain has developed. The pain isn’t nearly as bad as it was during my previous third trimester, but I don’t remember it showing up so early last time. 

A New Sense of Wonder and Excitement

I am a creature of habit, so change is really hard for me. When I found out I was pregnant with our first, I spent the next nine months in a state of constant anxiety. Because each stage was so new to me, I couldn’t fully enjoy it. I was debilitated by the newness of it all and didn’t experience the excitement that everyone spoke of.

This pregnancy carries with it a sense of peace and joy because I can sort of anticipate what’s coming. I know what an ultrasound is like, and know what it feels like to have a tiny baby kick against my insides. Again, while each pregnancy is different, it gives me comfort to know that I handled pregnancy before and I can handle it again. 

Now, instead of feeling anxious about what the rest of this experience will be like, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be interested to see what else will be different carrying this baby. Either way, I’m appreciating how wonderfully unique each pregnancy is. If I could go back, I’d reassure my past self that while pregnancy can be an uncertain time, there is such beauty in it. I’m so glad that I am getting to experience it again because this time around I can really enjoy myself. 

What was your second pregnancy like? Share with us in the comments!

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Kelsey Arender is a Lexington native who fell in love with her work in libraries in 2012. Prior to her recent career change, you could find her at the public library's children department. Now, she happily works in a middle school library. On the weekends, Kelsey and her husband, William, enjoy watching reruns of their favorite TV shows, attending church, and reading with their one-year-old daughter. Kelsey's favorite things include endless mugs of coffee, cozy sweaters, rainy days, and laughing with friends. She may be an introvert but if you start a conversation about personality types, toddlers, or hygge, you'll make a fast friend. You can find her hanging on Instagram at @we_all_get_sleepy.


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