Richland Library Pilots Limited Resources

After meeting regularly to discuss and evaluate processes that keep the welfare of customers and staff at the forefront, Richland Library plans on piloting limited services to safely provide physical materials with minimal contact.
They are starting to process the existing holds of more than 2,000 customers, prior to closing their library locations on March 16, for distribution. Staff is calling each customer, verifying if they still want their holds and confirming a pick-up location.
Once the library completes that step, customers have the opportunity to collect their materials at the pick-up windows of four locations:
The library is also implementing new safety protocols. They’re requiring staff to wear face coverings, following environmental cleaning guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and quarantining materials for 72 hours prior to recirculating them.
All 13 library locations remain closed in the interest of public safety. The latest updates, regarding operations, are available over the phone, on their website and through their social media channels.


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