The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends


I know what you’re thinking. It’s only May and we’re already sweltering in 90° weather. It can get so hot here in the south. We only have a few days that feel like spring and then the rest just feel like really really hot summer. But, with new seasons comes new clothes! Yay! 

And guess what? You don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes. Nope. Not even to have the latest trends. Thrift stores are filled with great quality secondhand pieces just waiting for you to give them new life in your wardrobe. Our fashion styles haven’t really changed very much in the past several years. Spring and summer will always feature florals, gingham, denim, stripes, shorts and dresses. So, if you find anything remotely similar to any of the styles above, you’re on the right track!

Another thing I like about purchasing thrifted clothes, is if for some reason that trend doesn’t last very long, you didn’t spend a fortune on something you’ll only wear once or twice. Let someone else pay retail! But, honestly, if you’re getting those basic spring/summer wardrobe pieces (even at the thrift store), anything you buy should last you several seasons/years (depending on how much you wear it too).

As moms, we’re always putting our children and families needs before our own. I’ve found thrifting to be a way that I can still indulge my shopping for “new clothes” vice without breaking the bank. And you’d be surprised what great brands and deals you can actually score at the thrift store.

Here are some easy,  simple, mom inspired spring and summer outfit styles that I’ve bought exclusively at the thrift store. The only items that weren’t thrifted were my shoes. I can never seem to find thrifted shoes that are either in my size or something I’d actually wear! Take a look and see just how easy it can be to shop this season’s hottest trends secondhand.

The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Denim Jacket (Old Navy) // Black Maxi Dress (Target)


The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Floppy Straw Hat (Unknown) // Seersucker Dress (Old Navy)


The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Striped Button Down (Old Navy) // Skinny Jeans (PacSun)


The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Chambray Shirt Dress (Old Navy)


The Best Thrifted Spring and Summer Trends | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Pineapple Tank (J.Crew) // Denim Shorts (Banana Republic)

If you’ll notice, literally everything I styled was blue. That’s partly because blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and partly because it goes with everything, especially denim and chambray. So when in doubt, go blue!

Are you into thrift shopping? Have any great deals that you’ve found? Please share your victories (and where you found them) in the comments below!

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Amanda and her family live in West Columbia. Her husband works in graphic and web design, and rides in a Christian Motorcycle Club. She has two degrees, one as a cosmetologist (although she doesn’t practice) and an Associate of Art. For the past two years, she has been a stay-at-home mom taking care of their only son. Before that she was a nanny for two kiddos and learned ways to beat the boredom of staying at home. She and her son travel all over the state, going on little adventures, earning her the label “the stay at home mom who’s never home” by her husband. Their favorite thing to do is visit the zoo, because it’s right there in their neighborhood. They also enjoy playdates with other moms from their church, Midtown. Amanda loves thrift shopping, using her creativity and is obsessed with DIY projects.


    • Lexington! Pretty much ANY thrift shop (His House on 378 & Goodwill on 378 are the best).

      West Columbia Goodwill 378 (specifically kids clothes) & St Paws Thrift Store (12th St)

      Also find some good stuff at Garner’s Ferry Goodwill.

      Pretty much any “nice” areas of town are going to have the best picks for clothes, areas with a lot of kids (Lexington, West Cola) are going to have the best kids finds! I’ve written several articles on my blog about thrifting & how to shop thrift stores 🙂

      Hope this helps!!


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