25 Things You Learn Living in the South


There’s always been the great comparison on how things are done in the South – from our phrases and sayings, to the way we drive, to how we handle weather and more, there’s no escaping the culture shock and adjustment some folks feel once they move to “our neck of the woods.”

We listened in and took notes on what some transplants to our area were saying, and couldn’t help but nod our heads and chuckle in agreement. So scroll on down yonder and see if you can relate.

  1. If someone calls you “ugly,” they aren’t referencing your physical appearance.
  2. When someone asks you to “cut on the TV,” they do not mean for you to take the nearest Samurai sword and slice open your television set.
  3. When someone wants to “Bless Your Heart,” it doesn’t mean that they are saying a little prayer for actual blessings to happen in your future.
  4. If someone says they “might could” come to your party this weekend, it means you can probably expect and plan for their attendance.
  5. When someone is angry at their “daggum pickup truck” for leaking oil, they aren’t actually trying to sound funny and it’s not a good idea to chuckle at their silly curse words.
  6. A “come to Jesus” meeting has nothing to do with religion. Get ready for an intervention of sorts. Someone is going to tell you the truth about how things really are.
  7. When you go to a restaurant called “Vegetable Medley,” you will be disappointed if you take a vegetarian out to eat there and expect them to serve something complimentary to their vegetation only diet.
  8. At some restaurants, jello and macaroni n’ cheese are considered vegetables. Children rejoice.
  9. Some gas stations WILL charge you more if you pay with a credit card instead of cash and no one complains or riots regarding this issue. It is simply accepted as standard practice.
  10. If someone is “fixin'” to do something, it may or may not happen.
  11. If someone says they will do or get to something “directly” don’t get excited, they are stalling. It will take forever.
  12. At stores, you use a “buggy” instead of a shopping cart.
  13. When it’s raining really hard and you’re on the interstate, you’ll probably see someone driving about 5 miles per hour with their hazards on — even though this can make them a hazard to other drivers.
  14. Turn signals aren’t ever really necessary.
  15. If someone offers to “carry” you somewhere, don’t expect them to hoist you on their shoulders. They are offering to transport you in their vehicle.
  16. Roads are not built according to the grid system, so no one knows directions. If you say “go north on St. Andrews Road” people look at you like you have three heads.
  17. It’s completely acceptable to add a “p” when pronouncing words like Clem”p”son or Sum”p”ter.
  18. Teenage girls roam the streets with COCKS emblazoned on their chests and no one bats an eye.
  19. When someone asks you to “put that up,” they don’t mean you have to put it up high. It just means put it away.
  20. Tea is not served hot. It’s served sweet and with ice.
  21. All soft drinks are considered “cokes” regardless of brand or flavor. “Hey, you want a coke?” “Sure!” “What kind?” “Mountain Dew please.”
  22. It’s not uncommon for a grown woman to call her mother “Mama.”
  23. There is a need to monogram EVERYTHING.
  24. Smocked dresses are a staple for any little girl and the bow in her hair can never be too big.
  25. Some towns offer Starbucks at every corner. In the south, they are swapped with BBQ joints… And they’re DELICIOUS.

What would YOU add to the list?

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Tiffany traded in back-to-back business meetings and PowerPoint presentations, for sippy cups and play dates – leaving her corporate job behind to become a stay at home mom to her 16-month-old toddler. To say life is different is an understatement, and she now has a new found love and respect for the “hardest” (and best!) job she’s ever had. A native South Carolinian, Tiffany is best described as kind-hearted and friendly, with a quick sense of humor. When she’s not toting her little one around town to the latest kid friendly activity, you can find her enjoying a latte at Drip, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip magazines, or watching old reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 from the early 90′s. She received her Masters Degree in Integrated Communications from the University of South Carolina in 2007, and enjoys reading, writing and all things "mom."



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