Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Cosmetology School


top 5 reasons to visit a cosmetology school

Every once in a while moms need to take a time out. For me, I’ve found that my quiet time sometimes comes in the few hours I get at the salon to get my hair cut and colored.

If you’re like me though, scheduling an appointment with a stylist doesn’t always fit the schedule and then there’s the cost. That’s why I started going to a cosmetology school for my hair care. As soon as I have a free Saturday, I just get up and go. Of course, if I really wanted, I could schedule an appointment there, but I’ve been pretty lucky in not having too long of a wait period.

I’ve had such great experiences, and received really great cuts and colors. Here’s the top five reasons why you should consider going to a cosmetology school for your hair needs too.

1. Cost

Although each school differs in how much they charge, the cost is almost always cheaper than any salon. I’ve been getting my hair done at Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology for the past 6 years. My hair cut has always been $5. Yes, you read that right $5. Coloring usually costs me around $35 because I just do partial foils. So I walk out with a high quality cut and color for only $40 plus tip. Sometimes I get lucky and hit it when coloring is on special so I walk away paying even less. And you know what? I’ve gotten more compliments on my hair the past 6 years since going there than I ever did before. For the same service at other salons I’ve paid closer to $100 or more in the past.

2. Knowledge

Not only do you get the student who is working on your hair, you also get their instructor. Depending on number of hours the student has accumulated or the complexity of the cut, the instructor is there to help guide as needed. I’ve experienced times where the instructor has little involvement other than to check things over and other times where the instructor has done much of the work while teaching the student. In the cases with the instructor working, it is always to show the student and then stepping aside for the student to try.

3. No pushy sales

I always dreaded some hair appointments because I knew there was going to be a sales push of various shampoos, conditioners, etc. Since going to a cosmetology school, my stylists have informed me of the product they are using on my hair at the time, maybe made a recommendation, and then left it at that. No pushing for a sale when I go to pay. Guess what … I’ve actually bought more product from the school because there was no pushing.

No one is trying to push me to buy their products – what a relief!

4. Walk-ins welcome

How often have you been able to just walk into a salon for a coloring without an appointment? I personally never could. Now I just figure out a day I can go, show up, and tell them what I want. Sure I’ve had to wait depending on how busy they are, but I can’t recall a time in the past 6 years that I’ve waited more than 20 minutes. That’s because they usually have several students working at the same time. Walking in to see 10 people ahead of you doesn’t mean you should give up and turn around. Go ahead and sign in, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

5. Students get to know you and what you want

Sure I’ve had stylists in the past who’ve asked what I’m looking for in a cut. They all do (I think). But the students who work on my hair at the school have all gotten to know what products I use, figure out how much maintenance I want to deal with, and best of all they listen to me about what I want in a cut. When I go in wanting something completely different, I walk out with something different. I never experienced that before at a regular salon. I was stuck with my same style for almost 15 years. They will often ask, “What do you like about your current cut? What do you not like about it?” And they actually listen and make sure not to do something I’ve said I don’t like. I’ve gotten so brave now, I’ll sometimes tell them I’m flexible with the cut and would love to hear their recommendations. Sometimes I walk away looking about the same. Other times, I walk out with a cute cut I would never have thought would work for me and in fact it really did.

Below is my typical before shot along with some of my favorite cuts, styles and colors over the years.

My typical before shot:

SOS! In desperate need of a cut and some color!

Some of the after shots through the years:

Short and straightDon’t forget about your kids either. School is around the corner and what better way to get a great cut at a great price!

What about you? How do you save money to get the hair you want? Have you tried a cosmetology school? What was your experience like?

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Brandi Cade is a Christian, wife, mom, and Instructional Facilitator at a local elementary school. She is the youth coordinator and also teaches Sunday School for K-5th graders at her church. She married Mark in July 2004. Together they have 3 children: Bradley (10), Tori (8), and Aubrey (4). Bradley and Tori have taught her about parenting children with multiple medical needs. Fortunately their youngest is simply full of life and keeps Brandi and Mark on their toes that way. Brandi holds a BA in Early Childhood, an MA in Curriculum & Instruction, and two Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies in Doctoral work in Instructional Leadership and Educational Leadership. As an Instructional Facilitator she works with teachers as well as students on best practices for learning in the classroom. Brandi loves the beach, music, reading, writing, blogging, sewing, and her new found interest: Bible journaling. Her newfound interest lead her to create the group Scripture Sketchers for local Bible Journaling fans. She hopes to turn this into a business within the next year or two. She is also a Beachbody Coach and works as an Independent Damsel Pro for Damsel in Defense.


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