You Know You Are in Your 3rd Trimester When…


The third trimester of pregnancy is well-known for being the most physically uncomfortable as the bump that started in the first or second trimester continues to grow. It also is the trimester when women get a boost of nesting energy as they prep for baby’s arrival. But how do these symptoms really affect women’s day-to-day lives? I crowdsourced and asked my family and friends to complete the following sentence: “You know you are in your 3rd trimester when…” Here are some of the hilarious results. 

  1. You’ve eaten a lifetime’s worth of pineapple.
  2. You’ve run out of things to clean in your house.
  3. Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months, and you’re pretty sure this baby is never going to come out.
  4. All of the shoes you keep by the front door are slip-ons, but you’re still tempted to just leave the house barefoot.
  5. You need a mirror to shave your legs.
  6. Or you just give up on shaving your legs all together.
  7. Someone has to help put on your pants/tights/shoes.
  8. You are too big to fit in the booth … at a fast food restaurant nonetheless!
  9. You have to wear poise pads because every time you sneeze you pee a little.
  10. You have to sleep on the couch at night because the bed is so uncomfortable.
  11. You have to ask someone to help you get up once you sit or lay down.
  12. Strangers always let you go straight to the front of the line in the bathroom.
  13. You start getting comments almost daily like: “you look like you’re about to pop!” or “must be any day now.”
  14. The thought of pushing 10 pounds out your hoo-ha is less scary than the thought of one more day of this.
  15. You wonder if you should bring your overnight bag with you EVERY time you leave your house!
  16. You turn sideways to let someone pass you, forgetting that it doesn’t help.
  17. Strangers can’t fight the urge to reach out and rub your belly.
  18. You can talk on speaker phone with the phone balancing perfectly on your belly.
  19. You get out of breath just thinking about standing up.
  20. You wash, iron, and hang up all the baby clothes, just because you can.
  21. You say you are starving, yet after five bites you are stuffed!
  22. Even your largest maternity clothes stop covering your belly but you just can’t convince yourself to buy something new for only a few weeks.
  23. Your cankles have cankles.
  24. You wear compression socks. 
  25. Your husband asks you to turn away from him in bed because the baby’s kicking is keeping him awake.

What would you add to this list?


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